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The benefits of yoga

Recently I’ve been spending more time practising yoga & finding stillness on the mat. Has anyone else been doing the same?

Stretching & yoga can often be overlooked by people because it’s not sweaty or intense enough. But the benefits of yoga go beyond what you do on the mat.

Yoga is about connecting the mind & body, focusing on your breath, building strength & flexibility.

1️⃣ Yoga can help with improving balance and co-ordination

2️⃣ Yoga counts as a strengthening exercise

3️⃣ It has been found to be beneficial for people with depression, stress, high blood pressure & lower back pain

4️⃣ It can help in building strength & flexibility

Find that inner yogi, you’ve all got one somewhere 🧘‍♀️ 🙏 Namaste

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